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Class Registration

Look at the table below and pick the course you would like to take.

Academic English Laguage Institue Course Schedule

Courses and levels offered by AELI.
ProgramAcademic EnglishAcademic EnglishAcademic EnglishAcademic English
Skill & ContentLevel B1Level B2Level C1Level C2
ReadingAE-R 2330AE-R 3340AE-R 3350AE-R 3360
VocabularyAE-V 2330AE-V 3340AE-V 3350AE-V 3360

Course Fees Schedule

This is description of cost for AELI courses.
CriteriaFee TypeFeeDescription
Self-Guided CourseTutition$250.00Fee per course for registration.
Group CourseTuition$500.00Fee per course for registration.
Technology FeeFee$10.00Fee per registered course for technology maintenance, service, and assistance.
Student Service FeeFee$10.00Fee per registered course for Student Services not related to technical issues.
Administrative FeesFee$10.00Fee per registered course for administrative task associated with registration, grade reporting, and certificates.

You will be registered for course based on your Placement Test results. You can not be registered for courses until we have placement test results.


1. Use the drop down menue to select the course(s) you would like to register for.

2. Select each course and click “Add to Cart” below.

3. Repeat this step for each course you would like to add.

4. A new window will open that shows a “Cart” of the courses you have registered for and your total tuition and fees.

5.  You will finalize your payment in that window.

Self Guided Courses

Refund Schedule

The third (3rd) day of the first week = 100% refund

The fourth (4th) day of the first week = 50% refund

The sixth (6th) day of the first week = 20% refund

After the sixth (6th) day, there are no refunds.