The Academic English Language Institute

Placement Test Correlation

The Academic English Language Institute accepts Language Test scores from the following providers: ALTE Level, Cambridge ESOL, IELTS, TOEIC Listening, TOEIC Reading, TOEIC® Speaking, TOEIC® Writing, TOEIC Bridge™ Listening, TOEIC Bridge™ Reading.

Below are the correlations for course work assignment at the Academic English Language Institute.

Placement Test Correlations

Global CEF scale ALTE LevelCambridge ESOL LevelIELTS LevelTOEIC ListeningTOEIC ReadingTOEIC® SpeakingTOEIC® WritingTOEIC Bridge™ ListeningTOEIC Bridge™ Reading
Proficient UserC2Upper AdvancedCPEIELTS 7-8------
C14 Lower AdvancedCAE/BEC/HigherIELTS 6-7490455180180--
Independent UserB23 Upper IntermediateFCE/BEC VantageIELTS 5-6400385160150--
B12 Lower IntermediatePET/BEC PreliminaryIELTS 42752751201208486
Basic UserA21 ElementaryKETIELTS 311011590706470
A1Movers, FlyersIELTS 2606050304646
0BreakthroughStartersIELTS 0-1454540203030
This table show a variety of test as they relate to the CEFR scale and will be used by the Academic English Language Institute for placement purposes.