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About us


Academic English Language Research is in the process of establishing a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization to facilitate research, collaboration, and teacher professional identity. We are excited to begin this new chapter of this organization.




The AELR Global’s goal is to encourage the practitioner/scholar model and to incentivize action based research on all levels of ESOL instruction that culminates in information dissemination at conference, seminars, forums, and through publications.

AELR Global will host academic gatherings focusing on methods for collaboration, research, presenting, and publishing in ESOL.

Further, AELR Global intends to establish grants or funding for individuals participating in local ESOL activities.


Our Approach

Each person is unique. AELR hopes to establish communities where individuals can come, learn, grow, and be empowered to better understand your students and institutional needs, and equip practitioners and scholars to be producers of knowledge that build the profession.

In doing this, AELRGlobal  believes:

  1. the educator’s vision shifts from the students to an assessment of methods  related to discrete populations.
  2. the educator is better informed on the instruction’s impact in the course.
  3. the educator is empowered to make better choices concerning methods and approaches in their individual setting.
  4. these things positively impact the class and students and greater learning can occur.


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